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Earn 20 millions Pocket Tokens

1. Event Deadline: Q4 2022

2. Ways to get Oxygen:

1st way: Simply sign up

You can sign up via phone number/email and claim your 100 Oxygen afterwards.

2nd way: Invite friends to register

During the event, you can share your exclusive code or link to friends. You may earn up to 200 Oxygen for one registration.

Please kindly note

1. Amount of Oxygen receiving depends on the continent you and your friends residing and ways to register:

  • Friends from Europe: 200
  • Friends from Oceanic: 200
  • Friends from other continents: 100
  • Friends register via Email: 50

2. Friends must finish registration in order to earn Oxygens.

3rd way: Invite your 1st friend to get additional 100 Oxygen

4th way: Daily check-in

During the event, you can check-in on Pocket’s Official Website to receive 2 Oxygen, and receive additional 15 Oxygen when checked in 7 days in the row.

5th way: Join Gleam activities to get more Oxygen

During the activity time, you can complete the task and get points. After the activity ends, your Gleam points will be automatically swapped to Pocket Oxygen at a 1:1 ratio.

6th way: you can get oxygen by posting videos related to Pocket

During the campaign time, you can post videos related to Pocket's official website, Pocket & Gleam campaign and Pocket products on Youtube/Instagram/Tiktok/Twitter. After posting, fill in the video link of the posting platform to the designated column on the official website. When the video content is approved, you can get oxygen reward.

Rules of oxygen reward for video activities:

Please Note: how much oxygen you can get in the end is based on the number of platforms you publish and the quality of your videos.

1.You can get 1000 oxygen for the first pocket related video, 200 oxygen for each additional platform, 1600 oxygen if all Youtube/Instagram/Tiktok/Twitter are posted.

2.The top 10 video creators will receive 20,000 each after our review.Tips: Review criteria including

  • Number of likes
  • Number of retweets
  • Content quality (including but not limited to whether the activity flow is clear, whether the language description is accurate, etc.)


  • Duration more than 30 seconds
  • Clear picture quality
  • Text and audio explanation or with subtitles
  • Complete and clear presentation of content about Pocket
  • Title with PocketInfinity (e.g. #PocketInfinity)

7th way :Participate in daily Gleam Promotion for more oxygen!

During the event, you can earn points every day by completing the promotional tasks specified by gleam. The points can be exchanged to Oxygen(1:1). For less hassle, the system will settle for you daily and add the corresponding amount of oxygen to your account.

For more ways to get Oxygen, please follow us on our Official Website

3. How to get more Oxygen?

Just simply invite more friends, check in everyday, and finish daily missions!

4. How do I check how much Oxygen I have?

During the event, you can log in to our website, click your avatar and select my Oxygen.

5. What is the exchange rate between Oxygen and Pocket Tokens?

After the event, you can exchange by the rate of 100:1 (100 Oxygen=1 Pocket Token)

6. Pocket tokens? How do I exchange them?

After the event, the Oxygen will be exchanged automatically and released to your Pocket wallet.

7. When can I receive my Pocket Token?

Pocket Tokens will be released one month after the event.

8. How to swap Pocket Token to USDT?

After the activity ends, Pocket Token will be officially bought back at 0.1-0.5 USDT per token.

Terms and Conditions

1.Pocket Infinity reserves the right to deal with dishonest behavior that occurs during the event.

2. All participants must strictly abide by the Pocket Infinity event rules.

3. Pocket Infinity reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.