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Loan up to 80%

Loan assets can be used to trade commodity, security, futures or other wealth management for higher yields

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Loan now, Pay back anytime

Deposit cryptocurrency or NFT, and receive your loan in your wallet in 2 seconds




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What digital currencies can I pledge to loan?

You can use BTC/ETH/USDT /BUSD, etc… Please refer to the display on the loan page.

How is interest calculated?

Interests are generated per hour. New interest= (Principle+current interest)*hour rate

How to pay off my interest?

After the loan is successful, the interest can be paid in one lump sum at the time of repayment. When a partial payment is made, the interest is paid first and then the principal.

How to pay back?

In the list of ongoing orders, find the loan slip, and click "Pay back" to support partial repayment and full settlement.

Is there any prerequisite for a loan?

As long as users who are registered in Pocket can participate in the pledge loan business, it will be credited to the account instantly.

Is there any remaining funds after forced liquidation?

The liquidation line of pledged loans is relatively high, and no remaining funds will be generated after liquidation.

If the price of the collateral fluctuates violently, what should be done when the position is overrun during forced liquidation?

Due to severe price fluctuations, if the system cannot force liquidation or cannot return the loan assets and related interest after the forced liquidation, the system will use the risk margin to cover the loss of the position. If the risk margin is insufficient to cover the loss, the platform will reserve the right to continue to recover from you.

How to adjust collaterall?

You can adjust the security deposit on the order page. You can replenish your pledge at any time. When your pledge rate is lower than the initial pledge rate, you can transfer the excess pledge deposit.

Can I withdraw my loan?

Yes, you can trade the borrowed money subject to the requirements of other services on the platform. Platforms may also be proposed.